The Beit Yosef Guest House (Pensione), a 3-story, 10-bedroom house, is situated in Shomron(Samaria) in the Karnei Shomron area, in the relaxing rural surroundings of the Samarian mountains. Shomron/Samaria is the Heart of the Original Bible Land where the Israelites first settled, centuries before moving the Temple to Jerusalem.


Guest House Services Offered:


  • Accommodation with or without breakfast and/or full meals.
  • Full bathroom facilities shared by every 2 bedrooms. Additional toilet facilities available.
  • One en-suite bedroom
  • Laundry facilities
  • FREE Broadband Internet connection
  • Swimming pool
  • First-hand advice and information about local business, property, settlement conditions
  • Informed & scholarly information about Hebraic Restoration, Prophetic, Two-House Reconciliation, Judaism on request for open-minded discussions (if required).
  • A 24-hour Coffee bar & refreshments
  • The Guest House maintains 2 fully equipped kosher kitchens and a kitchen for guests who do not keep Kosher (Kashrut). 













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