Review of Our Previous Succot Tours


Our previous Tours in 2009 and 2010 were raving successes.


Some features of these Shomron tours were:



These experiences have proven beyond any doubts how important it is that Ten Tribers VISIT the Shomron. It is by seeing and experiencing the Land and its Jewish inhabitants, that eyes, minds and hearts start realizing the REAL impact and meaning of the Reconciliation and the obstacles surrounding it. It is this real exposure that removes the shackles of lies and spiritual imprisonment that 10-Israel have been bound with for 3000 years.


You can visit the normal tourist sites of Jerusalem and the Holy Land for as many times as you wish, but not until you have experienced Shomron, will you truly be freed from the imprisonment in spiritual Egypt and Babylon.


How can we make such bold statements? We have seen and heard the testimonies of both first-time visitors and repeat visitors to Israel.


We have just once again seen how even just a three-day stay, even a short one morning tour, can drastically change views and understandings!


Here are some confirmed observations from our Tours:



It is just as impractical and unfair to draw conclusions and engage in comments and advice to attending Ten-Triber returnees without ever having been exposed to this "Shomron Reality," than it is for Ten-Tribers to bad-mouth Jews and Rabbis without ever having seen the inside of a synagogue, engaging in intelligent Rabbinic debate and exposure, or being able to understand Hebrew.


Shomron Chai! offers you this exposure. Yet, many are those who will prefer to lend out their ears and support to the "hearsay-ers" who profess to be the "know all" specialists.


Hope to see you on our next tour.


Bookings for Succot (according to the orthodox Jewish Calendar), will be announced according to public demand.


But all year round is great for this experience of a Life Time in the Original Bible Heart Land - the "Lost Land" of the Bible - the re-awakening Land - your future Home Land!




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