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Guest House Rates

(Quoted US$ Rates below are approximate and based on rates at time of publishing)



Non-Tour Accommodations for

Temporary Short- and Medium-Term Stays






Discount for Groups & longer terms - see below.


Weekend/Sabbath - Friday & Sat. night (One night stay incurs the same rate)

Standard room,  250 Shekels per person for weekend.

Luxury Suite, priv. bathroom - 500 Shekel per person.

Special: entire floor/apartment, i.e. Suite + 2 std bedrooms, lounge, kitchen, balcony - 2000 Shekels - max. 6 people. 

Entire House: i.e. Suite, 7 bedrooms, 3 kitchens, 4 bathrooms, lounges, dining areas, balconies, garden, pool - 4,000 Shekels - max. 16 guests.

Less than 3 Days



 3 to 6 Days Weekly Rate



Monthly rate 



Inclusive Services & Extra Charges




Cleaning Services
These rates do NOT include cleaning services. You receive the place in top condition and you have to help maintain those areas that you use in this condition. The responsibility is on you to clean and tidy your own room as required. Bathrooms and kitchens though are to be meticulously cleaned directly after your use of it so as not to provide inconvenience for other guests. No items to be left lying around in kitchen, bathroom or any public areas. In this way, all guests will enjoy a 5-star stay.


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